Wolfgang Brenner | atelier@19
33102 Paderborn | Elsener Straße 19
Buslinie: 6, 68 (Delpstraße)
Das Glück
29,7 x 21 cm
Wolfgang Brenner`s pictures are not conventional, not classical but different – seemingly elusive in their making, reduced in their colours, fragmentary irritating, enigmatic, often with socially criticals or political content.
With different materials and techniques he always works in layers which he stacks one on the other. So it is a matter of course that this art is not an elusive, off handed one. It is sophisticated, construed and elaborately composed. The means he uses – photography and text – normally guarantee clear statements. Towards cursory views, though, they raise more questions than they answer.
since 1997 Freelance Artist
since 1998 Member of BBK (Germans artists association)
since 2004 Member of European Artists association
2003 – 15 Lecturer at Paderborn University,
Department of Cultural Studies | Fine Arts | Textile
2007 – 13 Lecturer at Summer Academy Paderborn
He takes part in numerous national and international exhibitions since the 1970s. Many of his works are in possession of renowned collections.
Most important awards
2020 Space Definition Photo Award, BWA Kielce, Poland • 2017 Deutscher Jugendfotopreis, Photokina Cologne, a project with Montessori School Doerenhagen • creative award of creative.spaces roadshow #4 • 2011 Rotary Club Art Award, Belleville, US • 2010 Art Award of Culture Foundation Deutscher Laender: „Kinder zum Olymp“ • 2009 Ministry of Culture NRW Art Award for staged photography • 2008 Art Award of city Paderborn • 2007 North Rhine-Westphalia Art Award for printmaking, project “art & school” • 2005 Art Award Herford for Recycling Art
2023 Artist residency program in Lika, Croatia • 2006 Residency Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium • 2002 6 month stipendium Artist in residence Schwalenberg