Artemis Herber
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33178 Borchen | Hauptstraße 35

05251 390590

Bus: R70

Danger Zone 3
Ashes, charcoal, tempera on paper
17,7 x 25,4 cm

Born and raised in Germany, Artemis Herber has studied Fine Arts at the University of Paderborn, Germany. In 2002 She moved with her family to the United States. Since then, she has continuously established her artistic career widely in the US and internationally.
Artemis Herber is an award-winning artist in both mediums of sculpture and painting. Being of Greek heritage, she developed concepts on how humans live in shared spheres towards current conditions on Earth. In the context of deep time and myths she explores how humans have affected the Earth’s environment, geology, and its climate,

Her research upon the Anthropocene embedded in the field of polit-myth and experimental geography has been deepened through residencies at Rensing Center SC, theCoLAB, London, Skopelos Foundation of Arts, Greece, The Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard’s University, USA, and The Delphic Preview 2021, Greece.

Herbers work has been featured in various publications such as All SHE Makes, Round Lemon/ZestHall, LandEscape Now!, Studio Visit Magazine, Mapping Meaning Journal, and many more.

As the founder of the Mnemosyne-Initiative, an international artists collaboration since 2020 she engages in artistic practices of memory in times of pain, trauma, isolation in the material and virtual culture of the 21st Century. Her Mnemosyne-Initiative has been supported by the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University, Washington DC.

Artemis Herber has exhibited in the US, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and England. Highlights include Kunstverein Paderborn, Munich Airport, Goethe-Institut, Washington DC, Spartanburg Art Museum SC, San Jose Museum of Art CA, National Trust’s Newark Park, Cheltenham Museum UK, and Albright-Knox Gallery NY. Solo exhibitions include Lost Spaces, Kunstverein Paderbron, Erratic Landscapes, McLean Projects for Arts Autochthon, Arlington Arts Center, Shifting Identities/Humanity in Nature, Montgomery College, and Liminal States, Delaplaine Arts Center. 

Danger Zones 2022/2023

Where is violence there is always a trace. Where there is conflict there is memory that serves as reference for resolution in the future.

With the series of “Danger Zones”, I imagine our future-self throughout past and present histories of human tectonic activities and their agencies. I am exploring future landscapes that derive from present and past unresolved conflicts against nature and each other.